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We're Expanding Our Final Fantasy XIV Coverage!

We're Expanding Our Final Fantasy XIV Coverage!

Written by Darryl — 05 May 2016

Folks, are you ready for some fantastic news!? Our good friend Katie is going to be joining us to help expand our Final Fantasy XIV coverage and we couldn't be more thrilled about it.

Katie has been playing Final Fantasy XIV for an age and runs one of the most famous Free Companies out there, the Narshe Red Wings. Even YoshiP himself is an honorary member! Anyway, without much further ado, I'll hand over to Katie to introduce herself and tell you a bit more about what we've got planned for you all!


Hi everyone!

I’ve known Darryl and Lauren for a few years now, and have always appreciated the hard work they do keeping us updated with all Final Fantasy news.

And when they asked to join my Free Company (Narshe Red Wings) in Final Fantasy XIV, I was thrilled! It was exciting to think of venturing across Eorzea alongside them.

But with the birth of their little Warrior of Light a few months ago, it was discussed that perhaps I should take up the mantle for updating the Final Fantasy XIV section on Final Fantasy Union. Naturally I jumped at the chance, and here I am!

But who am I, you may wonder.

Some of you may have seen me around in duties or on Moogle server. I am Lyna Wild, and I main the job Bard. I started my Final Fantasy XIV journey at the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and have been hooked on it since.

I hope to bring you latest news, patch info, reviews and any many other interesting shenanigans that may occur in and around the world of FFXIV! If you have any content requests or have any questions about anything FFXIV related do ask away in the comments or in-game!

Or, if any of you are feeling a little lost and lonely and want a good Free Company and guild to feel at home in, you are welcome to join Moogle server and drop me a message.

I look forward to sharing this journey alongside you, Warriors of Light!

~ Katie / Lyna

Darryl was playing Final Fantasy before he was even born - quite a feat! Often very opinionated on the Final Fantasy franchise, you will often find him musing about small details. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.