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We Need Your Feedback. Vote My Pretties, Vote!

We Need Your Feedback. Vote My Pretties, Vote!

Written by Darryl — 11 Jan 2012

In case you haven't listened to the latest episode of MiniGUP yet, we announced that we're currently in the process of redesigning the Final Fantasy Union website.

Anyway, we have some ideas about what we want to do with the site, but we want your feedback. This will come in two parts. Firstly, we want to know what you like about the site and then we'll ask you guys what you want to see more of.

You can select as many options as you want in this poll, so if you like multiple things, go for it. If you only like one thing, only pick one thing. Ultimately, we want you to be as honest as possible. If there's something we've missed out, please tell us in the comments section!

Happy voting!

Darryl was playing Final Fantasy before he was even born - quite a feat! Often very opinionated on the Final Fantasy franchise, you will often find him musing about small details. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.