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Staff Blog: Character Battle Round 2 Summary

Staff Blog: Character Battle Round 2 Summary

Written by Astharis — 25 Oct 2010

Round 2 of Final Fantasy Union's Character Battle began on the 13th of September and saw 64 characters battling it out to get one step closer to the elusive title of FFU Champion 2010. This round saw all the seeded characters take to the battlefield for the first time and only 3 of them embarrassed themselves by losing to the lower non-seeded entrants (Laguna, Genesis & Zidane may never live it down)!

Amassing a total of 10,704 votes between all characters, we saw the highest of the high (Basch, 412 votes) and the lowest (Seymour/Palom & Porom, 59 votes apiece). But it's all to play for as Jecht went out with a respectable 203 votes, whereas Cecil managed to squeezed past Gilgamesh with an economy sized 100 votes. Basch created an upset, using Fulminating Darkness to amass himself a total of 412 votes, seemingly out of nowhere. The referees have looked into it and suspect no foul play. I demanded a recount for the Genesis fight, but I was laughed at, so who knows whether they're trustworthy.

Some battles were slow burners, with the community barely stopping to look away from their TV screens and handhelds. The smallest fight was Gilgamesh versus Cecil, which gained a measly 168 between them. Are we sure that Gilgamesh didn't just steal Cecil's wallet and hop on an inter-dimensional train out of there? Unfortunately, Round 2 also saw the extinction of both the Chocobo and Moogle species. Strict protection programs obviously didn't help them one bit; Watch your back Red XIII... You could be next on the endangered list.

True to everyone's predictions, FFVII is still dominating. Over 30% of the characters that have made it through to the next round are from Gaia, even though 7 of its citizens had already become casualties... That's more than most Final Fantasys even had as entrants! Looking at the line up for the next round, this trend looks to continue, but as the competition escalates, there're sure to be more upsets. If the one-winged angel gets his way, he'll summon meteor and finish them all off for good. Especially, that no good Lady of the Night.

Looking forward, 40% of the contestants for Round 3 are of the female persuasion, showing that sisters can hold their own on the battle grounds. Ever the conspiracy theorists, members of our community have commented how multiple game appearances by a character increases their chances of triumph. Having said this, 4 out of 10 characters haven't added up any crossover experience, so we'll see how they fair against the Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia alumni. Remember, in Seifer's case, it worked against him!

Round 3 will see 32 characters fight 16 battles over the space of 3 weeks. 4 antagonists will see if their evil ways will finally pay off. Over 11 swords, 4 lances, 3 rods and other miscellaneous weaponry (tazer nightstick, anyone?) will clash as the blood, sweat & tears continues. Don't worry Colin, you can stop drawing soon.