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Staff Blog: When Darryl Met Yoshinori Kitase

Staff Blog: When Darryl Met Yoshinori Kitase

Written by Darryl — 23 Aug 2010

Wow, what a week it's been. I was in Germany last week for GamesCom 2010 and I managed to schedule up an appointment to see The 3rd Birthday - Square Enix's next iteration into the Parasite Eve franchise.

I was extremely surprised when I walked into the room and I saw Yoshinori Kitase sitting there with a smile beaming across his face. For those who don't know who he is, well, shame on you! He's probably one of the most influential people at Square Enix and has worked on pretty much every single big game they've made for over a decade.

I saw Kitase-san last year, at an event for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, but this time it was completely unexpected. However, while I had him all to myself I made sure to ask him plenty of questions. You'll see the fruits of my labour coming out in the next few days...

That can wait though, as this is all about my experience with Kitase. After my question and answers session, he asked me if I wanted to play The 3rd Birthday and I gleefully accepted. I was playing on a PSP connected to a big screen, so everyone could see what I was doing, including Kitase-san himself.

He kept feeding me advice through his translator and it was actually rather fun, as he was reacting to what I was doing while playing. At one point I got to a boss which he assured me wouldn't offer the same experience in the full game. Apparently you can't kill it, you just hurt it an a cutscene appears. However, the cutscene wasn't in the game and he was semi-confident I wouldn't be able to defeat it.

Naturally, I was up for the challenge and dutifully dispatched my foe, a feat which merited a round of applause from Kitase-san, his translator and the Japanese PR people in the room.

I then, in a fit of nerdness, told Kitase-san about Final Fantasy Union and he seemed genuinely pleased that such a place exists. He let me take the picture that's the header of this blog to make you guys all jealous! Mwhahah.

- D

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