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Staff Blog: Community Love

Staff Blog: Community Love

Written by Colin — 27 Jul 2010

Alrighty, how's it going everyone? It's Monday so it's time for yet another blog entry.

Not much to say here but things have been going pretty good lately. We've got a steady stream of news comin' out from Square Enix as well as a bunch of random community events like the Character Battle and Cosplay of the Week. That character battle should be starting up soon, so look forward to that, it's gonna be legen - wait for it - dary!

Yeah my bad, just had to do that. Kudos to you if you get the reference, maybe I'll draw something up for ya! Speaking of which, I do believe Astharis raised the question if I would be drawing anything for the character battle and, well, perhaps I will! You guys will just have to wait and see when it finally kicks off. Also, if you have any wicked random ideas floating about in your creative heads for other community stuff we can do, feel free to let us know.

Now before I forget, you've probably noticed that the head portion of FFU is pretty bare. Don't worry though, that'll be sorted out soon enough. As the self-proclaimed art director of this network, I can't let something like that slide for too long! I certainly hope you guys will enjoy the new header once it's up, don't have an ETA on that yet but it'll most certainly be soon.

And to give a shout out to our other Unions, Socom Union will finally be updated with a proper layout! Be sure to check that out when it goes live in the next week or two.