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Final Fantasy Union has become something of a podcasting phenomenon since it started way back in 2007. Our little Final Fantasy podcast has been downloadeed well over 1.5 million times and it continues to grow from strength to strength all the time. We are constantly humbled by fans of the show and that our listenerbase has remained so high even after all these years.

Headed up by Darryl and Lauren, we provide new podcasts every two weeks. Each show will take a look at the latest news and and discussion topics that arise. We will also look to have featured discussions and questions from the community!

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- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 128

Final Fantasy XV Gets Delayed Until November 2016!

Wowzers, what an absolutely manic weekend we've just had! Yes, Final Fantasy XV has been officially delayed following a weekend of consistent rumours. Director Hajime Tabata took to YouTube to produce a heartfelt messaging explaining why the game wou...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 127

Is Final Fantasy X-2 The Worst Numbered Game?

Final Fantasy Union is back with a bumper episode this time as our feature topic relates to Final Fantasy X-2 and its place within the franchise. There have been discussions for quite a while now about whether it stands up to other games...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 126

World of Final Fantasy Over Final Fantasy XV?

It's time for Episode 126 of Final Fantasy Union and this time we're talking all about World of Final Fantasy, a spin-off title that's release a month after Final Fantasy XV! Following Final Fantasy XV's rather interesting showing at E3 ...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 125

Venturing Back To Older Final Fantasy Games

The dust has now officially settled from E3 2016 and as often happens, that means there's been something of a media blackout! What better time, therefore, to discuss some of the older titles in the Final Fantasy catalogue, specifically what it's like...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 124

E3 2016 Damaged Final Fantasy XV

It's been a manic few weeks due to E3 2016 and all the pre-amble that took place, so this episode is a comprehensive breakdown of everything that happened before, during and somewhat after E3 2016. The main topic revolves around Final Fa...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 123 (Part Two)

It's gameplay and presentation for the second part of our Type-0 HD special

It's time for the second part of Episode 123 of Final Fantasy Union, an two-part series that we've recorded to celebrate the one year anniversary of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD! For this second part, Jared joins me to talk about a ton of ga...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 123 (Part One)

We delve into the story of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

It's time for Episode 123 of Final Fantasy Union, which is going to be a celebration of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD! The game released just over a year ago, so in podcast tradition we are taking a look back at the game, and doing a deep dive into everything it...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 122

Sakaguchi Dishes The Dirt!

It's Darryl, Lauren and Jared on episode 122 of Final Fantasy Union as we cover a range of recent news topics from the world of Final Fantasy. One of the main topics is Hironobu Sakaguchi's interview with Hajime Tabata and prominent Japanese publication Famitsu where he dishes a little bit...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 121

Final Fantasy XIII’s Music Should NOT Be Hated

It's a bit of a rant-filled episode today on Final Fantasy Union, as we heard that some members of the audience had booed the music of Final Fantasy XIII at a recent Distant Worlds concert in France! Much of the episode is spent talking about this as we look into...

- 2 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 120

Final Fantasy XV Is Make Or Break

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV feels like quite some time ago now, but there is still much to discuss when it comes to Final Fantasy XV! Branden is the host for this episode, and alongside Jared the pair talk about this next installment into the franchise being make or break. We also...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 119


Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV was a massive explosion of Final Fantasy and there has been plenty of stuff going on since, it's been absolutely mind blowing! It's the perfect time to catch you guys up on everything that happened during the show and has happened since, because there's STILL stuff...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Uncovered Special Episode

Uncovered Special Episode

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV is now finished and the dust has all settled on what was a rather spectacular event for numerous reasons. Instead of just doing a conference, Square Enix also had a pre-show and post-show with plenty of special guests. On a self-pride note, it was amazing to see...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 118

The Countdown To Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV

With Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV almost upon us, what better time to do a podcast all about this momentous spectacle of an event! Aside from talking about the fact we're going to get a release date, we look to offer some thoughts about when it might be while also discussing potential...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 117

How Has Uematsu's Departure Affected Square Enix?

For this episode, we discuss the departure of Nobuo Uematsu from Square Enix and whether or not it has affected the franchise in a big way. It makes for actually a rather long topic of conversation, so hopefully you enjoy it! We also have another Patreon supporter on the show in...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 116

Is the Final Fantasy VII Compliation Finished?

It's been 10 years since Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII was released and thanks to one of our fans' suggestions, the gang decided to discuss the game's open-ended finale and the possibility of another title in the Final Fantasy VII compilation. It was heavily hinted that there would be another...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 115

Why Will Final Fantasy XV Be Great... Or Not?

With the hype starting to build around Final Fantasy XV, based on the suggestion of AgonistKira, Lauren and I discuss why it could end up being great and why it might not be. It actually ends up being a rather lengthy discussion and topics range from the director, the characters...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 114

Should You Buy Final Fantasy Explorers?

Final Fantasy Explorers just released, so we thought it would be a damn good idea to have an episode completely dedicated to the first of many Square Enix Japan releases this year! Lauren and Darryl are joined by Jared, as they look to offer three rather different opinions based on...

- 3 years ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 113

Why Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Multi-Part?

There has been a lot of discussion about the Final Fantasy VII Remake being multi-part, so upon the suggestion of a community member, we decided to in to give our opinions on the matter! After all, it's a pretty interesting subject. In addition to this rather lengthy discussion, Lauren and Darryl...