Final Fantasy Union: Episode 118

The Countdown To Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 118

Written by — 29 Mar 2016

With Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV almost upon us, what better time to do a podcast all about this momentous spectacle of an event!

Aside from talking about the fact we're going to get a release date, we look to offer some thoughts about when it might be while also discussing potential other announcements they may decided to make during the event. There's also the pre-show and after-show too, so there's plenty of opportunity!

Hajime Tabata has also been speaking about various things in the past week, so we run through some of the pressing Final Fantasy XV news topics that cropped up. These relate to Cactuars, Airships, multi-lingual support and more!

We hope you enjoy the show, we had a blast recording it!

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