Yoko Shimomura News

Having wowed audiences with her work on Kingdom Hearts, Yoko Shimomura was signed on to work on Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now Final Fantasy XV).

The process has been long, but as Final Fantasy XV comes nearer we expect to be hearing more about the soundtrack and its composer.

Final Fantasy XV - 5 years ago

Final Fantasy XV's soundtrack now available on iTunes & Google Play Music

Square Enix has released the complete original soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV on iTunes & Google Play Music. There are 96 tracks and in total it has a length of over 5 hours. You can buy the entire soundtrack or buy tracks separately. ...

Final Fantasy XV - 6 years ago

Director Hajime Tabata Discusses Fish, Music, and Luna in Latest TGS Interview

Now that Tokyo Game Show is over, Japanese publications are now releasing their interviews with Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata which means we're getting even more information on the game's story and an expansion on the items discussed in the la...

Final Fantasy XV - 6 years ago

Final Fantasy XV Car's Radio May Feature Classic Final Fantasy Music

There has been a whirlwind of Final Fantasy XV news coming out of Gamescom and a new nugget relating to the car's radio has surfaced from an interview conducted by Famitsu, who were speaking to the core staff attending the show. When ask...

Square Enix - 7 years ago

Square Enix Has Released Their E3 2014 Program Schedule

Square Enix has released an official schedule of their Square Enix Presents E3 2014 programs. Some of the highlights include the Letter from the Producer Live: E3 Edition, an interview with Ichiro Hazama regarding Theatrhythm Final Fanta...

Final Fantasy Versus XIII - 13 years ago

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII DK?3713 Trailer

Final Fantasy Versus XIII's DKΣ3713 Trailer from Re: Final Fantasy has just been leaked on to the internet and it's a full 5 minute CG trailer featuring numerous characters. The music is also provided by Yoko Shimomura and it sounds great too, ...