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Crystal Defenders - 10 months ago

Crystal Defenders has been removed from the Amazon Appstore

Following its removal from the Google Play Store a few weeks ago, Square Enix has now removed Crystal Defenders from the Amazon Appstore along with the long awaited removals of Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega and Chaos Rings II. This leav...

Crystal Defenders - 11 months ago

Crystal Defenders has finally been removed from the Google Play Store

After the iOS versions were removed from the Apple App Store in May 2016, and the Android versions not being updated since 2013, Square Enix has finally removed Crystal Defenders and Crystal Defenders Lite from the Google Play Store. The...

Square Enix - 5 years ago

Massive Final Fantasy Sale On PSN Going On Now

In case you're missing some of your favorite Final Fantasy games in your collection, this week Square Enix is having a massive sale on many of their games. Final Fantasy Games Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP/Vita) - $9...

Crystal Defenders - 11 years ago

Crystal Defenders PAL Release Date Confirmed

Square Enix have announced that the Crystal Defenders will be released next week in Europe and other PAL territories on the PlayStation 3, via the PlayStation Network (PSN). It has been around for a while on various other platforms, in...

Crystal Defenders - 11 years ago

Crystal Defenders R2 Launches On WiiWare

Crystal Defenders R2 launches today in Europe, after a relatively successful launch in North America a few days previously. The game is now available worldwide for download via Nintendo's WiiWare service, on the Nintendo Wii. Featuring...