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Square Enix Fails To Anticipate Final Fantasy VII Remake Demand

Square Enix Fails To Anticipate Final Fantasy VII Remake Demand

Written by Damian — 05 Mar 2010

Recently, Square-Enix posted on its official Twitter account asking for people's opinions on a possible Final Fantasy VII remake. Ever since the infamous tech demo shown at E3 way back in 2005, fans of the game have been begging for a remake from Square-Enix.

Of course, after the countless amounts of teasing coming from Square-Enix, the response on their official twitter was huge!

Square-Enix's official twitter was chock-a-block with positive fan responses, so much so that they had to ask people to stop because they were so overwhelmed. Readers should also bare in mind that this was only from the Japanese audience. If Square-Enix were ever to post that question where westerners could see it easily, the response would have possibly been tenfold.

This insane number of responses may have been unprecedented by Square-Enix, but this writer would have been surprised if fans didn't latch on to this opportunity to get their opinions heard.

So why is this bit of news more interesting than other taunts from the giant RPG developers, you may ask?

Well, this is the first time Square-Enix has actually approached its audience about a possible remake themselves, instead of letting information reach them through different sources.
So maybe, after being asked this question countless times in interviews before, they are beginning to listen to their fans and are considering a remake, if they haven't been already.

Source: Official Square-Enix Twitter