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Final Fantasy XIII's Cid Revealed, Cid Raines

Final Fantasy XIII's Cid Revealed, Cid Raines

Written by Kyle — 29 Nov 2009

Cid has been a recurring character in the Final Fantasy series for a long time, and Final Fantasy XIII will be continuing that tradition. Shonen Jump, a Japanese magazine, has revealed new character Cid Raines, who looks to be a non-playable character.

A scan of the Final Fantasy XIII spread in Shonen Jump magazine features the new Cid. He is said to be a Brigadier in a military group not associated with the other military group in Final Fantasy XIII, called PSICOM.

One image in the scan looks like Cid is actually wielding a weapon much like Lightning's transforming gun/sword. Oerba Dia Vanille is also featured with her summon, and two other characters currently without official names.

Check out the scan below.