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Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII Will Outsell Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII Will Outsell Final Fantasy VII

Written by Kyle — 16 Nov 2009

On this past Friday the 13th, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII's North American and European release date in a promotional video featuring an unnamed host. Of everything the unnamed host said, one line was particularly interesting to hear, especially on the heels of Modern Warfare 2 having the largest launch sales of any video game ever, "...Final Fantasy XIII, quite possibly the most anticipated gaming experience of all time." Yoichi Wada, CEO and President of Square Enix headlined the first day of the Montreal International Game Summit, and caught up with Wada-san for a brief interview to ask if the supposed highest anticipation for a game will reflect in the game's sales. A recording of the interview is at the bottom of this article. In Friday's announcement of Final Fantasy XIII's release date it mentioned that Final Fantasy XIII is possibly the most anticipated game of all time. Do you think Final Fantasy XIII will be the best selling Final Fantasy ever?

Yoichi Wada: We would like to hope so. Is there any specific reason or point to Final Fantasy XIII that you think will make it possibly the best selling?

Wada: When we say that it is going to be the best selling title ever, the hurdle/bar is really high because of Final Fantasy VII sold 10 million units. So is it okay to think what you are going to be asking is that it is going to be selling a lot? [sic] And it's not there are new elements that are included into the Final Fantasy XIII, there are elements that are included that is expected out of the Final Fantasy title itself, for example a beautiful story, it being emotional and moving and you'll be able to relax and enjoy. Those are included, but there is not a lot of newness to it. But when we take a look at a lot of Western game titles recently it is based on the real-world most of them, and with regards to some of the artworks in a sense it might look new because it is based on a fantasy story.

Yoichi Wada's answer is strange to hear on the heels of what Final Fantasy XIII's developers have been trying to promote. Instead of regarding the game as innovative, a RPG revolution, or even an evolution, Wada-san claims "there is not a lot of newness to it," it being Final Fantasy XIII. Nonetheless, in Wada-sans follow-up answer, he clarifies that Square Enix does see Final Fantasy XIII as likely the best selling Final Fantasy when he says, "...we say that it is going to be the best selling title ever..."

Square Enix may just be setting their estimates too high, as Final Fantasy VII brought the RPG genre to 3D in a huge way, and revolutionized the RPG genre. Unless Final Fantasy XIII can break substantial ground with the game, the likelihood it beats Final Fantasy VII seem slim.

List to the interview recording.