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Final Fantasy VIII PSN Coming to Europe Soon

Final Fantasy VIII PSN Coming to Europe Soon

Written by Shawn — 30 Sep 2009

Square Enix recently released Final Fantasy VIII on the Japanese PlayStation Store to mark the start of TGS 2009, making European and North American fans wondering when the game would hit their shores.

Final Fantasy VIII was a radical departure from Final Fantasy VIII, using more life-life character models and foregoing the usual magic and stat-building process w/ a new Junctioning feature which used magic to augment your stats.

According to a comment by Mike Kebby (PlayStation Store Team, SCEE) in the latest PlayStation Store update, Europeans can expect to be able to purchase the game in the next few weeks. No word on a date for North America, but it is likely Sony and Square Enix will be releasing the game close to one another for both regions.

Source: PlayStation.Blog Europe