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New Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Displayed

New Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Displayed

Written by Marina — 05 Aug 2009

At this year's Japan Expo, taking place in Paris, France, Square-Enix displayed a series of new play arts to be added to the Japanese Square-Enix store. The most notable of this set are the five new Final Fantasy XIII play arts, featuring Snow, Lightning, Sazh, Vanille and possibly most impressive of all, Snow's Shiva summon in its motorcycle form. We have already seen a photo of the painted Lightning figurine, but these new characters give a feel that the game is starting to go somewhere with merchandise being shown at such an early stage.

There has been no price confirmation or availability date set yet for these figures, but we can assume they will cost around the same as other Final Fantasy play arts, with the Shiva motorcycle ranging in around the same price as Cloud

Source: Square-Enix Product Blog