Brayden Bids Farewell To Final Fantasy Union

Brayden Bids Farewell To Final Fantasy Union

Written by Brayden — 22 Jul 2020

Three and a half years later it has come time for me to leave Final Fantasy Union.

In the end I have written just under 1,100 articles and in that time have covered many games both new and old.

I have expressed my feelings, thoughts and opinions, promoted games I love and of course thrown in my vast knowledge of Square Enix wherever I could.

I remain to this very day Motomu Toriyama's biggest fan and it's something I say proudly.

And while the future of the company is focused on Final Fantasy VII Remake I will never stop waiting for the conclusion to the Final Fantasy X series.

And I will also still hope that they make their many other games finally playable on modern hardware like Bahamut Lagoon, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and more.

I would like to thank Lauren, Darryl, WakelessDream, ?? BlackKite, Sato, Jérémie Kermarrec, aibo, Shaly and Becky Nice for their help and support and everyone else who has read, liked and shared my articles. Anyone looking to talk to me or keep up with me can follow me on Twitter @Brayden9669.

Farewell FFU.