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Current Final Fantasy XI producer and director have no idea why it never released on PS3

Current Final Fantasy XI producer and director have no idea why it never released on PS3

Written by Brayden — 20 May 2020

Hardcore Gamer has taken the chance to ask current Final Fantasy XI producer Akihiko Matsui and director Yoji Fijito about why the game was oddly never released on PlayStation 3 despite releasing on Xbox 360 in 2006 and lasting on the console until 2016.

Unfortunately, neither of them have any idea.

Fijito: During that time, I wasn’t in a position in which I would have known about this matter, so I’m not sure why that decision was made. I would have to imagine it was very much a business-related decision.

Matsui: I also wasn’t part of making that decision at all, so this is pure speculation, but I believe it was because they were planning to release FFXIV — which was to be the successor of FFXI — on the PS3.

In addition they also discussed how they did consider turning the game into a free-to-play title.

Fijito At one point in time, we did research on free-to-play and considered the planning of actual operations if a switch was made. We tend to consider this kind of matter more so from a business perspective, but we also felt it would have been very likely that the community might also be hard hit if FFXI was to make such a massive change to the model.

Similar business model changes had a tendency of changing the game from “time-to-win” to “pay-to-win” from a gameplay perspective — you have to wonder how the players would feel if this transition actually occurred. Additionally, the player base has changed drastically over the years, so implementing that new model would probably not have worked without making any changes to the game itself. In the end, we aren’t considering making any particular changes to the business model at this point in time.

Matsui We actually did consider transitioning to a F2P model, but by that point, most of the in-game elements that we would have provided for purchase based on the F2P model were already being provided to the players for free. If we were to change the game’s operation to a F2P model without putting in a tremendous amount of effort in adjusting in-game content, we likely would have had to reset the game data and take away all of the players’ achievements to make a fair transition.

We concluded that we couldn’t do such a thing — the FFXI community is still very much alive, and we still feel the same way today.

Source: Hardcore Gamer