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Square Enix to promote GAAS and digital in short term, cloud content in the medium term

Square Enix to promote GAAS and digital in short term, cloud content in the medium term

Written by Brayden — 20 May 2020

Square Enix president and representative director Yosuke Matsuda has shared in the latest Financial Results Briefing Session for the Fiscal Year that ended March 31, 2020 the company's strategies for the short term and medium term.

In the short term they plan to increase the digital ratio of game sales, which is of course off to a fantastic start as Final Fantasy VII Remake achieved record breaking digital sales.

Their other short term target is to promote GAAS which stands for Games As A Service. This is something they have been going through in recent years with titles like Final Fantasy XV which was something of a half way mark to it. But later this year they are releasing The Avengers project from their western studios which is their first major console service game with the exception of the MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI and Dragon Quest X.

Luminous Productions new IP has long been expected to be a service title while there has been some rumours that Final Fantasy XVI will be too, which also makes sense considering the company's Creative Business Unit 3 who are responsible for Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI are most likely handling it.

Finally, they also have listed development of cloud-centric games which means games that are played via cloud streaming. Square Enix has dabbled in this in the past with their short lived Dive In service as well as various external partners like Broadmedia, Hikari TV, Yahoo! Game Plus and more. They also offered various PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation Now but removed them all once it changed to a subscription model.