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Final Fantasy Type-0 Online aka Awakening to be shut down on May 17

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online aka Awakening to be shut down on May 17

Written by Brayden — 02 May 2020

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online aka Final Fantasy Awakening, the second spin-off of Final Fantasy Type-0 will be shut down on May 17, 2020.

The successor and replacement for Final Fantasy Agito was developed and published by various companies throughout the world but was officially licensed by Square Enix with Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata and staff from his Business Division 2 involved in its development in some capacity.

With this the Final Fantasy Type-0 franchise has come to an empty end. A Final Fantasy game that achieved critical acclaim and high sales in Japan for PlayStation Portable looked set to spawn a new sub-franchise with sequels trademarked.

A sequel began development following its release only to be cancelled as the team was needed to make Final Fantasy XV.

A HD remaster was later released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC finally bringing to the rest of the world with a secret movie that never amounted to anything despite desire from Tabata to do so.

The first spin-off launched for iOS and Android in Japan during 2014. A global version was announced as well as versions for PlayStation Vita and Windows 10 but they were never released and the game was shut down. Awakening was supposed to be its replacement but it never lived up to much.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has never even been released on Nintendo Switch oddly despite the game's roots being from a handheld along with the love of Switch from Tabata and his team.

Tabata of course left Square Enix and what remains of Business Division 2 is now at Luminous Productions making a brand new IP.

The operation team announced the shut down with the following message.

Dear Agitos,

Due to the authorization on 'FINAL FANTASY Awakening' authorize by Square Enix will be expired at May 17th. FINAL FANTASY Awakening:SE Authorize 3D ARPG plans close the server and officially stop operating
Tough as it may be, we have to face the heartbreaking choice. FFA will end its operation on at 11am, 2020/05/17(GMT+8). All servers will be closed, and players can't log in to our game anymore.
Register and recharge function will be closed since 2020/04/03(GMT+8).
To show our appreciation to all of our agitos, benefit rewards of Diamond*50000 will be sent every week since today.

At last, we are so appreciate for all of our agitos, thank you all for your kind support and accompany and thank you for choose our game.
Wherever the Sakura blooms, our story remains unfaded...

FINAL FANTASY Awakening Operation Team