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Square Enix fixed Final Fantasy IX's music looping issue on only some platforms

Square Enix fixed Final Fantasy IX's music looping issue on only some platforms

Written by Brayden — 27 Oct 2019

Back in June, Square Enix finally announced it would be fixing its infamous music looping issue in the various versions of Final Fantasy IX.

This was obviously met with a large positive response after people sent messages to Square Enix asking them to fix it for years but with zero response as is what is almost always the case with Square Enix's ports.

It was at this time they fixed the PlayStation 4 version, 21 months after its release.

A few weeks later they fixed the Nintendo Switch version and the Android version available via the Google Play Store.

But now over 3 months later it seems Square Enix has once again forgotten about it.

In June they stated they were also working to fix the issue in the Xbox One and PC versions available via the Windows Store and Steam and later again restated this along with iOS in July.

That was nearly 3 and a half months ago and there's been zero word or updates since.

It's also worth noting they've never mentioned the Amazon Appstore, Square Enix Market, Broadmedia, Hikari TV or Yahoo! Game Plus versions of the game nor have they received updates this year meaning they most likely have the very same issue.

Final Fantasy IX sadly isn't the other game with this issue still present.

While they fixed the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of Final Fantasy VII earlier this year, the PlayStation 4 at least still has the music looping issue present.

It is also most likely still present in the PC, iOS and Android versions as well but they have their own other fair share of issues. For one, the Japanese PC version of Final Fantasy VII has additional features not present in the Steam version such as high speed mode and no random encounters.

And while on the subject since I continue to see messages about them as well, there has been zero word or updates in regards to Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster or Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age getting consistency across their PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch versions for features. Which sadly means they clearly won't have consistency across actual in-game features.