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Final Fantasy VIII: The Sleeping Lion now available in the global version of Mobius Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VIII: The Sleeping Lion now available in the global version of Mobius Final Fantasy

Written by Brayden — 11 Aug 2019

The Mobius Final Fantasy team are celebrating the global version of the game's 3rd anniversary with the launch of the collaboration event Final Fantasy VIII: The Sleeping Lion.

Episode 1, Part 1 arrived on August 1 alongside the arrival of two new Ultimate Heroes and a new Legend Job.

The Ultimate Heroes are two different versions of Squall Leonhart. One is based off his appearance in Final Fantasy VIII while the other is based off his appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy. One is given for free to all players just for entering The Sleeping Lion event region while the other is summoned normally.

The Legend Job is for Graff and is called Sorceress's Knight, based off Final Fantasy VIII's Seifer Almasy.

The Lone Lion, Squall Leonhart has also appeared in Multiplayer! Travel to Ring of Braves from now until September 1 to take him on with up to 3 other players.

The Sleeping Lion's first episode was completed on August 8 with the arrival of Part 2.

Episode 2 begins on August 15 with Part 1 while just a day later the Legend Job Sorceress of Oblivion will arrival for Meia, it's based off Final Fantasy VIII's Ultimecia.

The Sleeping Lion event also features a special version of Mobius Final Fantasy's battle system which will include elements from Final Fantasy VIII's battle system, the Draw system.

A Rinoa Echo will also be given as a gift to everyone who logs in between now and November 1.

A Ranking Event, Mobius FF All-Star: Revival Tower will also be held from August 23 till September 1.

There's also a pair of updates to Pandemonium this month with Fenrir having arrived on August 1 and Coeurl who will come on August 16.

And of course there will be plenty of new Ability Cards added throughout the month, many of which are based on Final Fantasy VIII including the Supreme card Griever: FFVIII. While there will be an update to Yggdrasil on August 16.

Finally there is also plenty going on to help celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the global version with various gifts being given to everyone. Check in-game for more.

Mobius Final Fantasy is made by many of the very same staff that made Final Fantasy VIII. With director/co-writer Yoshinori Kitase as producer, lead writer Kazushige Nojima as scenario supervisor and battle effect director Shintaro Takai as graphics & VFX director for starters.

This event also marks the first time ever that Motomu Toriyama has directed Final Fantasy VIII content.

You can check out the trailer for the event below.