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Mobius' FFVIII event likely coming to global in August, team would love to release on consoles

Mobius' FFVIII event likely coming to global in August, team would love to release on consoles

Written by Brayden — 19 Apr 2019

Mobius Final Fantasy's project leader Takashi Shiraga recently had an interview with Twinfinite and in this he teased and talked about some interesting things.

You can read it in full here and check some of the main points below.

Firstly, when asked about the global version's upcoming 3rd anniversary in August he teased the recent Final Fantasy VIII event that was held in the Japanese version of the game.

We are planning a major collaboration and will, of course, kick off various campaigns that accompany this, so please look forward to them!

And when asked about the possibility of the game coming to consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch he said the following.

As long as we can secure enough budget and time to do something like this, we would love to! That said, even if we were to reuse existing assets, developing for consoles would be quite a big undertaking, so it’s difficult to comment on the possibility of this actually being realized…

But that's not all, as he also commented on the possibility of PvP.

We actually considered PvP during Act I, but it turned into something that was extremely unbalanced due to the number of turns/actions, so we gave up on implementing the system. We think it could potentially hold up with the system in Act II, but we do not have any plans to implement PvP at this moment in time.

Finally, he also talked about the game's collaborations with various titles and stated that they will continue to focus on Final Fantasy games for future collabs.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is a mobile game, but it also delivers a realistic, high-definition experience, so it’s difficult to mix this game with worlds outside of the FINAL FANTASY universe. TERRA BATTLE could be considered an exception, as Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of earlier FINAL FANTASY titles, is at the helm of its development, so it has a high affinity with our game.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY has a record of implementing genuine collaborations with such games like FFVII, FFX, and FFXIII in the past, and we are considering future collaborations that focus on the FINAL FANTASY universe, so please look forward to all this.