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Opera Omnia producer talks character selection process, collabs and possibility of ports

Opera Omnia producer talks character selection process, collabs and possibility of ports

Written by Brayden — 17 Apr 2019

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia producer Jin Fujiwara recently was interviewed by Twinfinite.

In this they spoke about the game's character selection process, possibility of collaborations with other Final Fantasy games and even non-Final Fantasy games as well as the possibility of ports to other platforms.

You can check some of it out below and the full interview here.

Could you describe the process when deciding which character gets added next into the game?

JF: We used to have a limitation on which character to release depending on the type of weapon they used. This was because the number of weapons we had per type was not balanced at that time.

Recently, we mostly select characters based on what active part they can potentially take in the main story of the game. We also sometimes select a character based on their unpredictability, or by hoping that it will create hype among the players.

Have you thought about collaborating with other Final Fantasy mobile titles such as Mobius, Record Keeper, and Brave Exvius?

JF: It does come up in our conversations once in a while, but we don’t have any plans for a collaboration at this time. We still have many characters from the mainline series that have yet to join the roster, so we would like to prioritize that first.

Has the Opera Omnia team ever considered collaborating with other non-Final Fantasy titles? Do you have any hint on what may have caught your attention?

JF: We have considered it before, but we unfortunately ended up giving up on the idea because it gave rise to many limitations when we thought of what active role the character would have in the world of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA.

Do you have any plans to port Opera Omnia to consoles or PC?

JF: Mobile games are structured on the premise that they are easy to play on devices such as smartphones. As such, I do wonder if anyone would want to have the same experience on a console or PC.

If we were to port the game to a console or PC, I would want to release it as a title that gives the player a different gameplay experience.