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Square Enix's development restructure sees Yoshinori Kitase overseeing majority of FF series

Square Enix's development restructure sees Yoshinori Kitase overseeing majority of FF series

Written by Brayden — 07 Apr 2019

Square Enix Japan recently completed its internal development restructure, its first since the Business Divisions were introduced in December 2013.

This sees them return to a structure that is quite similar to the one they had during the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 console generation.

Creative Business Unit I is headed by Yoshinori Kitase, and minus Luminous Productions (the team formerly known as Business Division 2 and responsible for Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0) appears to be very similar to the 1st Production Department they had from 2007-2013.

It's centered on Kitase's Business Division 1 who were responsible for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Mobius Final Fantasy.

But it also includes the majority if not all of Business Division 3 who were responsible for the Kingdom Hearts series, various Final Fantasy spin-offs such as World of Final Fantasy and ports/remasters such as Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, as well as franchises like SaGa and Front Mission.

And also Business Division 4 who were responsible for various spin-offs including Dissidia Final Fantasy, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

As a result of this Kitase is very likely to now be credited on some of these titles going forward as an executive producer or a production executive. But for some he may simply be credited for being the head of the studio.

It's currently unknown if Kitase is now in fact the Final Fantasy series brand manager as Shinji Hashimoto who has been the brand manager until now is no longer heading up a game development studio and is instead general manager for the company's new Media & Arts Business Division.

The Media & Arts Business Division by the way has been set up to make more real world experiences.

Creative Business Unit II is headed by Yuu Miyake, and it's centered on his Business Division 6. They're of course incharge of the Dragon Quest series and Yosuke Saito's projects which include the Nier series and Babylon's Fall.

They're likely to also include Business Division 7 who were responsible for arcade games like Lord of Vermilion and Gunslinger Stratos. And Business Division 11 who were responsible for the Bravely series and Octopath Traveller.

Creative Business Unit III is of course headed by Naoki Yoshida, and it's based on his Business Division 5. They're incharge of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI and developed the original Dragon Quest Builders. They're also currently working on a large scale project for next gen which is likely to be Final Fantasy XVI in my opinion.

And finally Creative Business Unit IV is headed by Hirokazu Nishikado. This unit is made up of Business Divisions 8, 9 and 10. Among the titles they are responsible for are Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, SINoAlice, School Girl Strikers, Valkyrie Anatomia, Grimms Notes, Million Arthur and the recent Mana series titles including the remake of Secret of Mana.