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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn now available

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn now available

Written by Brayden — 26 Mar 2019

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC bringing an end to Final Fantasy XV.

There's still some more content to come in a novel that adapts what would have happened in the cancelled DLC, there's always the possibility of more ports for titles in the Final Fantasy XV Universe and there's the China mobile game that was announced awhile ago in addition to A New Empire which is still printing money. But this is it for the main game.

With the game's journey now over it seems it will now never get a Hard Mode which was a surprise omission when the game launched.

It's a kinda sad end to the Final Fantasy XV journey with the other DLCs cancelled and director Hajime Tabata (who's credited as an executive producer on Episode Ardyn) leaving the company late last year.

But hopefully fans can enjoy this final piece of content and the upcoming novel.

You can check out the launch trailer below.