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Record Keeper's global version celebrates 4 years, Kitase teases another Mobius event

Record Keeper's global version celebrates 4 years, Kitase teases another Mobius event

Written by Brayden — 18 Mar 2019

The fourth anniversary of the global version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper is approaching and Square Enix has launched a special website for the milestone.

It features a Record Chronology recapping key events from the past 4 years, a calendar for upcoming updates and gifts, wallpapers and special messages.

These special messages are from Ichiro Hazama (producer), Yu Sasaki (development producer), Shinji Hashimoto (Final Fantasy series brand manager), Keiji Kawamori (music editor), Naoshi Mizuta (composer for various games in the series), Yoko Shimomura (Final Fantasy XV composer), Yoshinori Kitase (Mobius Final Fantasy producer + many others) and Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV producer/director).

For the most part these thank staff members and the fans, while Mizuta and Shimomura talk about their music in the game.

But Kitase and Yoshida say a little more.

Kitase firstly teased another Mobius Final Fantasy event in order to add the new characters from Mobius' Act 2: Warrior of Despair.

"Congrats on 4 years! From the MOBIUS FF collab, Wol and Echo look so cute in their pixelated forms!
More new characters are coming out in MOBIUS, so I'd like to do a collab again someday!"

While Yoshida teased the future of Final Fantasy XIV in Record Keeper.

"To all FFRK players, and everyone on the development team, congratulations on 4 years!
Because there are so many characters from FF XIV that appear, I feel like this is an extension of my own work!
With the Heavensward stories wrapping up at the development level, I keep getting all these wild ideas of which characters will show up next! (lol)
(Of course, I don't want to put any pressure on the devs...)

Here's to the continued growth of the game, and keeping the records and memories of the FF series alive for everyone!

Check it all out here.