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Mobius Final Fantasy kicks off A Warrior's Feast

Mobius Final Fantasy kicks off A Warrior's Feast

Written by Brayden — 03 Feb 2019

To celebrate the launch of Act 2: Warrior of Despair, the Mobius Final Fantasy team has started a new event called A Warrior's Feast.

This event features several special attractions along with some familiar faces.

Part 1 of this event is available right now with Part 2 arriving on February 15. It will be available until March 31 at 6:59 PM PST (UTC-8).

Also available right now is a brand new Legend Job Magitek Jester. This is of course based off Final Fantasy VI's Kefka Palazzo. A new Supreme card Ultimate Chaos is also available heading up a bunch of great new cards.

And on February 11, The Rift will arrive. A new battle, the ultimate experience the team teases.

February 15 will also see the arrival of new Sarah Job, Magitek Heroine. This is based off Final Fantasy VI's Terra Branford.

There will also be a Valentine's Campaign running from February 7 till February 20.

Wrapping up the month on February 21 is a Ranking Event: Champions' Fete. In this you will be able to fight the Ultimate Heroes including Cloud, Tidus and Lightning until March 1st at 6:59 PM PST (UTC-8).

And finally, Balamb Mercenary and Tonberry Suit will get their Hall of Fame Job quests on February 5 while The Thief of Tantalus and Moogle Suit will on February 19.