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Sanctuary Releases In Japan

Sanctuary Releases In Japan

Written by Darryl — 19 May 2009

Sanctuary, the long awaited second album from The Star Onions, was released today in Japan. Unlike the original album, which featured 10, Sanctuary features 11 tracks that have been arranged from the various Final Fantasy XI soundtracks that have been produced throughout the game's duration.

This time, Takahito Eguchi has been drafted in to help with some of the arrangements, and fans might remember him as the composer of the Final Fantasy X-2 and The Bouncer.

The full track list is as follows:

1. Voyager
2. Flowers on the Battlefield
3. Xarcabard
4. Fights of the Crystal
5. Faded Memories - Promyvion
6. Mhaura
7. Gustaberg
8. Rapid Onslaught - Assault -
9. Distant Worlds
10. Griffons Never Die
11. Wings of the Goddess

Source: Square Enix

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