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Hajime Tabata states the Final Fantasy XV DLC was cancelled after he left

Hajime Tabata states the Final Fantasy XV DLC was cancelled after he left

Written by Brayden — 17 Dec 2018

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV and the previous head of Square Enix's Luminous Productions (the studio made from Business Division 2) has stated that Final Fantasy XV's additional DLC was cancelled after he left.

Tabata had left Square Enix and Luminous Productions before Square Enix decided to cancel the majority of the remaining planned DLC that consisted of Final Fantasy XV Episode Aranea, Episode Lunafreya and Episode Noctis.

This was confirmed by Yosuke Saito, one of the new members of Square Enix's board of directors as he was also present at the Japanese game livestream where Tabata stated this.

Considering the livestream that announced all of this occurred about a week after Tabata left things must have happened very quickly.

The team at Luminous Productions hope to still release Episode Aranea, Episode Lunafreya and Episode Noctis in some other way but only time will tell.

While Tabata continues to cite his personal feelings as to why he left, it's obvious to me that Square Enix's changes to Luminous Productions were a major factor into his decision.

As for what Tabata is up to now, he also founded his own company called JP Games which already has a few employees. He also said he hopes to change the way games are made with his studio that he also added is completely independent as he created the studio without any outside funding.

He did not want to share anything about what their first project will be or for what platforms it would be for. Considering Tabata's very public enjoyment of the Nintendo Switch and the nature of the studio, a Switch title seems a good possibility. But Tabata also produced and oversaw titles for a wide range of platforms during his time at Square Enix so it could be for anything be it console, mobile, virtual reality or something else.

Source: Final Fantasy World