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Motomu Toriyama talks Mobius Final Fantasy Act 2: Warrior of Despair

Motomu Toriyama talks Mobius Final Fantasy Act 2: Warrior of Despair

Written by Brayden — 16 Nov 2018

With the second season of Mobius Final Fantasy kicking off in the global version, Square Enix has decided to release official English translations of the interviews with the dev team that were posted on the Final Fantasy Portal Site in Japan earlier this year.

The first interview is with director Motomu Toriyama. Toriyama talks about the story in Act 2 and how the world has changed. He also talks about concepts for the game and more.

An interview with new project leader Takashi Shiraga will be released on December 6 where he will talk about the new battle system.

You can read Toriyama's interview in full below.

―The second act, “Warrior of Despair,” is about to kick off. What happens in the upcoming story?

In the first act, “Warrior of Light,” the protagonist Wol finds himself in the world of Palamecia, where he heeds the words of the prophecy and is forced to play a part in the “tale of hope.” Ultimately, Wol and his friends defeat Chaos and the tale ends, but as a result, the world of Palamecia is reset along with people’s memories, and that’s where this act begins. Though this may seem like a time of despair from Palamecia’s perspective, for Wol and his friends, they’re finally in a world free of Palamecia’s burdensome tale. The story of the Warrior of Light is over, everyone has lost their memories, and the old ways of Palamecia are no more. The beginning of the new act depicts how Wol and the others decide to live in a prophecy-free world. Though the keyword is “despair,” the introduction to the new story isn’t about a dark time. Some episodes even illustrate the carefree nature of the characters’ daily lives, something we weren’t able to portray in act one.

―Will Wol continue to be the protagonist?

As rendered in the new logo, several characters’ stories will be told simultaneously, with the events of each affecting the others, eventually intertwining to become one. The turning points of this act are where their stories connect. Wol lives a peaceful life in a village where he works as a guard. In the first act, he and Sarah were the Warrior of Light and the princess, but in the new act, they have a completely new dynamic.

―What happened to the memories of characters like Wol?

The people of Palamecia’s memories were lost and reset, but those of the heretic Meia and destroyer of the prophecy Wol still remain. No one else, including Sarah, recalls a thing. As the world is reborn, they build new relationships and lives. None remember where they’re from or what they did before, but they recall their names and know how to perform basic daily duties. They start their lives over with the mindset and knowledge of someone their respective ages.

―Speaking of heretics, what happened to Garland at the end of the first act?

Palamecia’s system allows the Warrior of Light to send someone, including themselves, to the world outside. Garland attempts to save Sarah (by taking her there to release her from Palamecia’s grasp), but ultimately leaves her in Wol’s hands and gets swept there himself.

―Echo’s gone too. At least, she’s disappeared from Wol’s life. Wol’s Echo is gone, but various types of Echoes from the Echo race appear in act two. With the destruction of the system, Echoes reappear as faeries and can be seen by everyone. No longer tasked to guide the Warrior of Light, each Echo lives a life of its own. Of course, there are some who are loyal to the system and attempt to bring it back, while others enjoy their newfound freedom.

―Though we saw it coming, it was hard to watch Wol lose Echo. Was there a sense of “Echo loss” within the team? Also, how will the story of an Echo-less Wol be told?

With this so-called “Echo loss,” Wol ends up talking to himself a lot [laughs]. That’s one of the reasons a lot of sub-characters are introduced in the new act. His days may be more lively than expected. With the destruction of Palamecia’s system, the characters are no longer guided by it and finally have their freedom. Wol enjoys his leisurely yet somewhat boring life. When much isn’t going on around him, the stories of other characters are told, and through them, his story is too. Speaking of freedom, the game also introduces a free questing feature. We’d like to see what will happen by incorporating an open world environment in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY.

―What was the concept of the first act, “Warrior of Light”?

First and foremost, we wanted to make a proper RPG for the smartphone. As an ongoing title, the question, “How should we strive to keep releasing new story content?” was always in the forefront of our minds as we constructed the story and developed the game. Due to the nature of smartphones, we needed each episode to be playable in a short amount of time, and we wanted the plot to move at a fast pace, so the story needed to be somewhat open-ended. It worked out well because the world of Palamecia itself was created as an open-ended element, and I feel that meshed well with the game’s characteristics and story.

―Did any parts of the story change after the initial release?

Yes, because not all game features or graphics were completed from the beginning. For example, there was a last-minute decision to introduce a female character (Meia) before release, but we needed time to prepare her. By giving her a hood, the content could be ready in three months, so she was introduced in the tower event as a character shrouded in mystery. Other than that, there weren’t any major changes to the story, though having Princess Sarah join the fight at the end was a turn of events not even the Palamecian system saw coming [laughs].

―Has the end of this act already been decided?

As with act one, the general story is complete. The content will be created by chapter, with each chapter to be released monthly. Compared to the previous act, though, this one has much more content. All of the characters have their own episodes, and to kick off the story is newcomer Sophie.

The new act begins with the entire world having been reset, where everyone starts over as a common townsperson. With the destruction of the system, Palamecia is a stage with actors, but lacking a script or director. The story will be told in a way that when characters gradually begin to develop their own unique thoughts and wills, players will ask themselves, ”Is this part of Palamecia’s new system? Maybe what was once destroyed is about to be set in motion again,” as they question and examine the events that unfold.

We hope you enjoy what’s to come.