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Not enough time for Mobius Final Fantasy? Try the new Story Digest mode

Not enough time for Mobius Final Fantasy? Try the new Story Digest mode

Written by Brayden — 01 Nov 2018

There is an exciting new mode available in the global version of Mobius Final Fantasy and it's called Story Digest.

As the name suggests in this you can play a condensed version of the main story. Meaning you can playthrough the story but in a lot less time. So if you've never played the main story or you just want an easy or quick way to experience it again, you're in luck.

The Story Digest covers the entire first season aka Act 1: Warrior of Light. It begins with Chapters 1 - 3: Prophecy and Fate and upon completion will unlock Chapters 4-6 and then 7-8 completing it.

Anyone can play these regardless of if they have played the normal versions, as it is completely separate from the normal versions of Act 1 which can of course still be played as normal, and this is not time limited either they will be available permanently.

Mobius Final Fantasy has a lot of exciting things going for it. Be it the console quality graphics in 4K resolution running at up to 120fps, the development team being the same as the one that made the Final Fantasy XIII series, Final Fantasy X series, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and even the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, the deep turn-based battle system that certainly takes inspiration from the team's previous titles, the exciting collaboration events with games like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIII that offer canon stories from the original creators themselves, using actual assets from the Final Fantasy XIII series and even the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, or the fact if you're lucky you can play as characters like Lightning, Yuna, Cloud, Sephiroth, Tidus and more.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available worldwide on the Apple App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android and Steam for Windows PC. The global version is available in English, French, German, Traditional Chinese and Korean. It features dual-audio so you can freely switch between English and Japanese voices whenever you like.

With the entire Final Fantasy X: Dream Within a Dream event that explains what happened to Tidus between the events of Final Fantasy X and X-2 available until the end of November, the upcoming second season starting this month or the Final Fantasy VIII event coming next year to celebrate its 20th anniversary there's plenty of reasons to jump on Mobius Final Fantasy.