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Kam'lanaut arrives in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Kam'lanaut arrives in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Written by Brayden — 19 Oct 2018

Square Enix and developer Team Ninja have now added Final Fantasy XI's Kam’lanaut to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

You'll have to purchase him of course from the PlayStation Store for $7.29 / €5,99 / £4.99 unless you have the Season Pass.

You can read Square Enix's official description of him below:

Originally from FINAL FANTASY XI, Kam’lanaut was lauded as a hero by the people of Jeuno, while secretly harboring a much greater and darker ambition. In DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT, he deftly wields a sword while dealing elemental damage and growing stronger upon each successful hit. He can also utilize the power of his unique EX Skill ‘Esoteric Region’ to manifest an arcane area around him which debilitates the unfortunate souls who step into it.

With this Final Fantasy XI now finally has a villain in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He is the second character from Final Fantasy XI to appear in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and the third when you include the PlayStation Portable games as Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy added Prishe.

In addition, a new stage based off Insomnia from Final Fantasy XV has been added via an update.

You can check him out in the new trailer below.