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Hajime Tabata says future projects are all going to be service-based

Hajime Tabata says future projects are all going to be service-based

Written by Brayden — 24 Sep 2018

Hajime Tabata, the head of Square Enix's Luminous Productions and director of Final Fantasy XV has revealed in an interview with Polygon that all future projects will be service based.

You can read what exactly was said below.

For example, the freedom afforded by turning what would traditionally have been a one-and-done packaged retail product into a long-term platform has already become an integral element of Tabata’s future plans. “All our future businesses and projects are all going to be service-based,” he says. The long-term content expansion format that evolved around 15 — beginning with the Episode Duscae demo that shipped in early 2015 — allowed Square Enix to collect feedback and from fans and tailor its work accordingly.

“We don’t directly respond to every single piece of feedback,” he says. “It’s more that we accumulate all the feedback that comes in and try to determine the best possible solution. It’s rare that the development side and the customer side are kind of on the same page as far as what we want to do next. But as much as possible, we want to ask, ‘How does this sound? How does this kind of activity sound?’ to users based on the general feedback that we receive from them.” Thus, the “second season” of DLC should be the ultimate expression of that approach — at least as far as 15 goes.

This is not a surprise as Yosuke Matsuda, the president and representative director of Square Enix has stated that the company will develop "Games as a Service" and that the days of single-player games being the focus are gone.

The Final Fantasy series has been transitioning into a service type franchise for the past so many years. With games like Final Fantasy XIV, Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy Record Keeper adding new content regularly for years. Final Fantasy XV can be seen as a half-way step towards this.

It does however mean that it is more and more likely that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be the last ever major Final Fantasy title to be complete at launch.