Hajime Tabata makes it clear his studio is focused on creating a brand new IP

Hajime Tabata makes it clear his studio is focused on creating a brand new IP

Written by Brayden — 24 Aug 2018

Hajime Tabata's Business Division 2 became its own independent studio (wholly owned by Square Enix) called Luminous Productions back in April 2018.

The studio is of course the team behind Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0, and are currently wrapping up the Final Fantasy XV Universe.

Some people have wondered if the studio would make Final Fantasy XVI due to the fact they made Final Fantasy XV and the fact Square Enix's own internal divisions are busy with their own projects such as Business Division 1 currently being focused on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Mobius Final Fantasy with the desire to make Final Fantasy X-3 and a remake of Final Fantasy VI while Business Division 3 works on Kingdom Hearts III and various other projects such as Left Alive, the Star Ocean series and the SaGa series, Business Division 4 outsources various Final Fantasy spin-offs such as Dissidia Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Business Division 5 is incharge of Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI and Dragon Quest Builders II.

Some have also hopped to see a sequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 due to the secret movie included in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the fact that before moving onto Final Fantasy XV the team began work on a sequel to Type-0 that was cancelled as a result of them being needed to help make Final Fantasy XV.

But despite all of this, Hajime Tabata has made it clear that "The studio is going to be focused on creating a brand new IP." He also said it's what he personally wants to do for his own career after working on various Final Fantasy titles.

Tabata also spoke about how the studio won't just develop video games as shown with it developing CG footage for a NHK documentary in Japan, and how it might do something similar to the Final Fantasy XV Universe with its new IP. You can read his interview with USgamer here.