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Final Fantasy Tactics 2 was going to be a thing, until it was cancelled

Final Fantasy Tactics 2 was going to be a thing, until it was cancelled

Written by Brayden — 22 May 2018

Over the years some fans have asked for a 'Final Fantasy Tactics 2', but it turns out that after Final Fantasy Tactics was released back in 1997 they did begin development on a sequel.

Final Fantasy Tactics director and scenario writer Yasumi Matsuno revealed during a recent livestream in celebration of the Final Fantasy XIV 'Return to Ivalice' content that a sequel actually began development after the completion of the original Final Fantasy Tactics in 1997.

The project was began by producer Hironobu Sakaguchi, but due to Matsuno's team being busy with Vagrant Story it led to the decision to instead outsource its development. A platform for the game was not revealed, but it was most likely PlayStation regardless.

Due to various reasons it was cancelled. Matsuno did not shed any light on any of the reasons however but that may have been due to the company not wanting him to do so.

He did also reveal however that they considered making it in 3D but due to difficulties doing so they instead decided to go with 2D.

Matsuno also shared that Final Fantasy Tactics was originally going to be more like he and his team's previous game at the time, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Finally, earlier this month he also stated he does not consider Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to be his game despite producing it. He instead considers it Yuichi Murasawa and Hiroshi Minagawa's, both of whom currently hold lead roles on Final Fantasy XIV.

Source: FF World