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Naoki Hamaguchi steps aside on Mobius Final Fantasy to focus on Final Fantasy VII Remake

Naoki Hamaguchi steps aside on Mobius Final Fantasy to focus on Final Fantasy VII Remake

Written by Brayden — 29 Mar 2018

Naoki Hamaguchi, who has been serving as the project leader on Mobius Final Fantasy since it began development in early 2014 has announced he is stepping aside in order to focus on Final Fantasy VII Remake where he has been serving as development leader.

He passed the torch of project leader to one of the game's two battle design directors in Takashi Shiraga who has also been serving as one of the two heads of global operations for the game. Hamaguchi will still be involved in the development of Mobius Final Fantasy but in what role remains to be revealed.

It seems like a good time to do so as they will be beginning the second season of Mobius Final Fantasy during April 2018 in Japan.

No further changes to the staff for the game have been announced at this time.

Yoshinori Kitase is still serving as producer on both Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

While Motomu Toriyama continues to serve as director on Mobius Final Fantasy, his possible involvement on Final Fantasy VII Remake remains unknown.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available worldwide on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, the Google Play Store for Android devices and Steam for PC where it supports 4K and 60fps. The Japanese version begins Season 2 next month while the global version just completed Chapter VII of the first season which is the second last chapter. The global version is currently available in English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, French and German.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development as a multiple part series, it is a timed exclusive for PlayStation 4.

Both titles are developed by Square Enix's Business Division 1 which is headed by Yoshinori Kitase who will be joining the company's board of directors in a matter of days.