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Mobius Final Fantasy staff respond to fan comments on the FFVII Fatal Calling event

Mobius Final Fantasy staff respond to fan comments on the FFVII Fatal Calling event

Written by Brayden — 25 Mar 2018

To celebrate the conclusion of the Final Fantasy VII 20th anniversary event titled Fatal Calling in the global version of Mobius Final Fantasy, members of the development team have responded to comments from fans on the event.

This includes producer Yoshionri Kitase, director Motomu Toriyama, battle design director Takashi Shiraga and project leader Naoki Hamaguchi.

Here are some of them. You can check out the rest here.

Rei Moon
Thank you, Mobius committee, thank you for allowing me to relive the greatest story I've ever played and watched.

The development team also has a lot of fond memories regarding FFVII! The team consists of employees that worked on the original game and also employees that started working at the company because of FFVII. We put a lot of thought into creating the FFVII story in FF Mobius, and hope to continue to make it a big part of FF Mobius in the future!
Director Motomu Toriyama

Stefan Blevins
final fantasy as a hole is the sound track of my life.
Thank you square enix.. from the bottom of my heart. For creating this nostalgic masterpiece and being one of the greater elements of my life.. your characters were my friends and family when I had none.. you were there in my childhood, and your still here in my adult life.

Thank you for supporting the FF series over a long period of time. We will make sure that the characters you loved over these years will be recreated with respect in our future collaborations and in the upcoming remake of FFVII!
Producer Yoshinori Kitase

Ammar Khalaf
The moment I've entered Ring of Braves and heard Sephiroth theme .. I felt my heartbeats started rapidly beating .. couldn't hold back my tears .. it's been so long. Thanks SE. It meant a lot to all of us.

We used a lot of Uematsu-san's music, so it's an amazing experience for us too! We recommend you turning on the music from the start to the end! Not only that, if you obtain the FFVII jobs such as Cloud and Sephiroth, you will be able to continue listening to the music even after the event ends!
Director Toriyama

Joseph Parquette
I have too many memories of Fantasy VII to comment on. Perhaps one of my favorites...the tiny bit of time during Cloud's memories where you can actually play as Sepiroth. And now that time has come in Mobius FF.

I was a player when FFVII was originally released and I still remember how excited I got over the graphics and story. It's a very memorable game for me. Now that I'm a developer, I hope that one day, we are able to make a similar impact with Mobius FF!
Lead Battle Designer Takashi Shiraga

Harrison Beaumier
I love the upgrade to the FFVII battle system in Mobius. It was a blast. I love the music addition to the Soldier 1st class and Hero of Despair. It really makes the everyday game play more exciting. The new cards in these batches really make game play fun.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the FFVII battle system in Mobius FF
Mobius FF is constantly evolving with the help of fans like you.
We will make sure you continue to enjoy the game by adding new cards and battle systems in the future!

Lead Battle Designer Shiraga

Daena Michelle
It was my oasis amidst a terrible childhood and one of my few good memories from it.
I remember I even got my friends to call me Sephiroth back then and all!
That's why I, more than 20 years later, I have kept playing FF games, because life is wonderful now, but that doesn't mean I stopped enjoying how magical these worlds are, Mobius included of course.
Thank you for creating this game the way it is.

I have a personal policy of making sure that Sephiroth is the most difficult enemy when he is implemented. Not including the main character, I have to make sure that no character is more powerful than he is. It's an honor to be called by that name! I wish I was cool enough for my friends to call me Sephiroth.
Producer Kitase

Charlie Harvey
This game is seriously making me wanna play FF7 again, especially playing against one of my favourite villians, thank you mobius so much

We were very careful with how Sephiroth was portrayed in FF Mobius because of how of popular he is.
It's an honor for us to be able to make a fan want to revisit a legendary game like FFVII!

Project Leader Naoki Hamaguchi