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Final Fantasy XV support to continue into 2019 with four new episodes on the way

Final Fantasy XV support to continue into 2019 with four new episodes on the way

Written by Brayden — 23 Feb 2018

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV and head of Business Division 2 has revealed that they will be supporting Final Fantasy XV into 2019.

Tabata stated in an interview with that following a user survey receiving a positive rating of 62.4% for its general scenario they have decided to release even more content for the game in order to satisfy players.

Originally they were planning to release it all in 2018 but in order to wrap up Final Fantasy XV they will need more time.

Episode Ignis director Takeshi Terada also briefly mentioned that they are treating the upcoming DLC episodes differently to the ones released in 2017. Sounds to me like they are going to be released separately from Final Fantasy XV, meaning you won't need to own the main game in order to play them. Would save them from doing another Season Pass.

Tabata also spoke to Famitsu, and there he said he believes current active players are no longer looking for any holes in the main story but as a creator he feels the game is not yet complete and he is thinking of a new kind of development that will see its episodes delivered differently.

Episode Ardyn will be the first of four episodes planned to be released through 2018-19.

Terada added they would like to see the characters get more love from fans for the next episodes and teased that since Episode Ignis made players cry he wants the next episode to make players smile.

Source: Siliconera