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Square Enix plans to add the rest of the characters from the original game in Dissidia NT

Square Enix plans to add the rest of the characters from the original game in Dissidia NT

Written by Brayden — 13 Jan 2018

In an interview with Edamame Arcade Channel, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT producer Ichiro Hazama revealed that they "have plans to at some point add the characters that were in the original PSP version" of Dissidia Final Fantasy.

It's fair to assume he's referring to Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (which includes the original game's scenario) as the only characters left from the original release are Gabranth, Cosmos and Chaos.

If this assumption is correct it means they plan on also adding Yuna (who is very likely one of the characters in the announced Season Pass) along with Tifa, Laguna, Gilgamesh and Prishe.

Hazama also stated the decisions on who to add to the game are made by Dissidia Final Fantasy NT director Takeo Kujiraoka and creative producer Tetsuya Nomura.

Kujiraoka added that they take into consideration the popularity of the character and whether the characters' move set would fit into Dissidia Final Fantasy. They also try to add characters who will have a unique fighting style.

And when asked about their personal favorite characters, Kujiraoka revealed his are Ramza and Delita from Final Fantasy Tactics. He would obviously love to add Delita to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT one day and would like to see how the two would interact on the same team.

Hazama said his favorite is Zack from Final Fantasy VII. He'd also like to see Cloud and Zack interact in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Kujiraoka is quick to remind him of Sephiroth which would make it three Soldier members. Hazama also said Zack would probably use the same weapons as Cloud but the way he would use them would be different.

You can check out the interview in full below.