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Tabata teases 'a completely new gameplay experience' for FFXV

Tabata teases 'a completely new gameplay experience' for FFXV

Written by Brayden — 25 Dec 2017

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV has teased in an interview with Game Informer "a completely new gameplay experience" for the game.

"There's also one other thing - a completely new gameplay experience I want to provide to players of XV as well. I can't tell you what that is yet, though. We're currently thrashing through the plans for that and getting it into shape, so we can announce exactly what that is at the beginning of next year."

Tabata also spoke more about their plans for updating the game in 2018 along with its DLC.

"There is still something missing, not quite satisfactory yet, in the way the story explains itself and the information you get there - that's what I think I need to still focus on," Tabata says. As to what this entails, Tabata said he wants to go deeper into the background of some characters and their personalities alongside explaining more about Eos itself. "There's more of a backstory to this world that this game takes place in than [the game] had,"

"The important thing is [that] we want to release DLC that's closely linked to the main game - the main story - and has a strong influence on that, rather than something somewhat peripheral and unrelated. That's the kind of content we're looking at."

Source: Game Informer