Takashi Tokita thinks Final Fantasy VR 'sounds awesome'

Takashi Tokita thinks Final Fantasy VR 'sounds awesome'

Written by Brayden — 22 Dec 2017

Takashi Tokita, a Square Enix developer known for his work on the first four Final Fantasy games and more recently Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Dimensions and Final Fantasy Dimensions II has said the idea of experiencing Final Fantasy worlds in Virtual Reality "sounds awesome".

IGN asked him "Square Enix just released Final Fantasy: XV Monster of the Deep on PSVR. Would you ever consider doing a VR experience for one of the classic Final Fantasy games? Maybe walk around the moon in FFIV, or other contents from FFI to FFIV?"

Tokita answered "That sounds awesome! It would be fun if we’d be able to experience different Final Fantasy worlds within a theme park, something along the lines of an “FF VR World”. For FFIV, something like an adventure that involves landing on the moon aboard the Lunar Whale, or traveling to Feymarch after being swallowed by Leviathan; those are two experiences I would like to try out myself. I suppose with other titles in the series…For FFI, an experience that spans over 2000 years. For FFII perhaps heading into the cyclone on a Wind Drake. For FF6, perhaps marching through the snowfields aboard the magitek armor."

Tokita also looked back on the series' history with IGN and talked about Final Fantasy IV in particular. You can check it out in full here.