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Yoshida says as long as FFXIV keeps expanding there is not any point in making a new MMORPG

Yoshida says as long as FFXIV keeps expanding there is not any point in making a new MMORPG

Written by Brayden — 12 Nov 2017

In our continuing coverage of Darryl's interview with Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV and head of Square Enix Business Division 5 we now hear from Yoshida on the current MMORPG situation at Square Enix.

Darryl: Do you see a time where Final Fantasy XI will stop, and there would be room for another Final Fantasy MMORPG alongside Final Fantasy XIV?

Naoki Yoshida: My personal point of view is that having multiple MMO within one company is a bit unnatural. But, of course, as long as there are players out there loving and playing Final Fantasy XI, then we will continue this service.

Even if, for example, Final Fantasy XX is an MMORPG, it wouldn’t really influence any decisions around Final Fantasy XI or other MMOs that Square Enix has. But in itself, it would probably be more influenced by Final Fantasy XIV, than by Final Fantasy XI.

If we wanted to create Final Fantasy XX as an MMORPG, it might not be influenced by that much, because it would be a complete project, but Final Fantasy XIV would be closer to Final Fantasy XX than Final Fantasy XI, so maybe we would see more comparisons.

Darryl: Which is what happened with Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, there were similarities between the games to help with the transition.

Naoki Yoshida: Yes, but I must say that as long as Final Fantasy XIV keeps expanding, there is not any point in making a new MMORPG. It’s more beneficial to keep expanding Final Fantasy XIV.

It was the same for World of Warcraft. They tried to make Project Titan as a new MMORPG, but they cancelled it. It shows that it’s quite irregular to have multiple MMO games in one company.

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