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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT really does not have a proper story mode

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT really does not have a proper story mode

Written by Brayden — 07 Nov 2017

Ichiro Hazama, the producer of Dissidia Final Fantasy has finally explained how Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's mysterious story is experienced in an interview with Final Fantasy World and Final Fantasy Ring.

"The answer may be a bit long. (laughs) In fact, there is no "story mode" per se. The story will be told by cinematics which, put end to end, will take about an hour. As for how they will be unlocked, you will get points every time you make fights in any mode of the game. They will allow you to unlock new cutscenes, which will form a consistent story over time. .

In terms of how long it will take to get everything going and get to the end, that's what Mr. Kujiraoka is currently working on. The details are not yet fixed, so I can not tell you more. We are also thinking about adding new episodes after the game's launch, but for now, we have not fully finalized the Season Pass content for additions in addition to the new characters. Besides, I have a funny anecdote on this subject. Last week at two in the morning, I received a phone call from our creative producer, Mr. Tetsuya Nomura, who told me that we absolutely had to add extra episodes after the game was launched. So if he asks for it we will have to think about it."

Source: Final Fantasy World