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Tabata says delaying FFXV again wasnt an option, nearly 150 internal staff still working on it

Tabata says delaying FFXV again wasnt an option, nearly 150 internal staff still working on it

Written by Brayden — 15 Oct 2017

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV and head of Business Division 2 was asked by Eurogamer if he wanted to ask for another delay to Final Fantasy XV's release. Here's what he said.

"Honestly, I didn't really think of doing it. The project had been going on for ten years at that point. Projects have a lifespan, and there's a certain limit you can take them to. You talk about limits - the team, the people making the game, they're already way beyond their limits of their stamina and capacity. If I was going to take that away - that psychological pressure - and overwrite that with a new objective and goal, that wouldn't have worked out, so that wasn't an option. There are people out there with the opinion that there's stuff we released after the game came out that should have been there in the start - that's fair enough, and I think it's a fair opinion - but there's just no way we could have done that physically."

Tabata also revealed how many staff in BD2 are still working on Final Fantasy XV.

"We've split them into several smaller teams - there's those wider expansions, different hardware and different projects. Overall the team is 100, 150 people. There are also outsourcing companies we use working on various projects - if you're talking about the internal staff count, it's probably just under 150."

Next, Tabata was asked at what point he will consider Final Fantasy XV complete.

"We've come, ever since the release, together with our fans - so I think it's really about when we can satisfy them and when the game can end and have a proper conclusion to it. We've got a plan up until the end of this year, but looking at that that probably wouldn't satisfy the fans out there. They want more. So I'd like to continue making stuff for the game into next year, and consider what the best way to finish it is and have that big climax next year. So next year, we'll call the end of the journey!"

Tabata was also asked if the new features in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition could be added to the console versions.

"Certainly there are a number of features we can't put onto console - anything that involves the Nvidia libraries we can't do, because of the console's limits. The first-person mode we could - that's feasible - and if people want to see that we'll look into it. Thinking on my feet here - it's possible but it would be hard work. That mode's designed for keyboard and mouse, so taking it to console we'd have to re-optimise that for controller support. But we're doing that on PC too though, so...."

Worth pointing out Square Enix did not add the features they included in the PC version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster to the PlayStation 4 version.

Finally, Tabata also revealed a few things about BD2's next project, which we have known for over two years that it will be a new IP.

"Our new project is very much going to use the Luminous engine. That's the future of the engine - in the mid-term it's being used for the PC version.

"It's still a very small team - we're at the very start of the process, and we're still working out what kind of game we want to make, when we want to get it out, what kind of technological base we want. It's a very small team - at the moment you're looking at 20-30 people."

"It's not even pre-production yet! We've got quite a lot of the technical investigations sorted for that. We've done a lot of investigation - about how the online functionality will work, moving away from dedicated games machines to cloud processing, how we could use those. A lot of the groundwork was done with Final Fantasy 15 - so we're in a good position for going into the main development."

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