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Monster of the Deep could come to Oculus and Vive, its possible to bring FFXV to Switch

Monster of the Deep could come to Oculus and Vive, its possible to bring FFXV to Switch

Written by Brayden — 15 Oct 2017

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV has revealed a few things in an interview with MCV.

First, he talked about the possibility of the PlayStation VR title, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

“We would, of course, consider it if the demand is there and it would be meaningful for us to branch out in those ways,” he says. “After all, we want every single player that we can reach to play this game.”

Next, Tabata revealed it's possible to bring Final Fantasy XV to the Nintendo Switch.

“It is possible [to bring FFXV to Switch], and we take how we will develop into other platforms very seriously.

I think it is important to think about how we can make use of the characteristics of Nintendo Switch in order to provide such a game to its players. I’m still looking for a way of handling that one.”

Tabata also explained the reason behind the first-person-mode in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

“The biggest reason [behind the first-person mode] was that we wanted players who only usually play first-person mode games on PC to take an interest in FFXV. Currently, we have only reached about 50 per cent [completion] on this mode, but we feel the gameplay has a certain freshness to it and it’s been well-received among those in the development team. In providing this mode, we needed to make some large adjustments, like the player character’s VFX, displayed animations and camera movement. Even now, we’re still making small, daily adjustments.”

Finally, Tabata also admitted developing the PC version has been very easy compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

Source: MCV