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Mobius Final Fantasy uses Mocap, Kitase answers fan questions

Mobius Final Fantasy uses Mocap, Kitase answers fan questions

Written by Brayden — 07 Sep 2017

At PAX West 2017, producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that they use Mocap for Mobius Final Fantasy. The Mocap actor for Cloud was Kaori Kawabuchi, who was also the motion actress for Gentiana in Final Fantasy XV. She was chosen by the Mobius development team because of her sword-wielding skills.

You can check out all the fan questions and answers from Kitase below.

Question #1
The-Oppressed: “With the player base size of the global version of the game is there any thought to increasing the top tier rewards in towers to more than 500?”

Kitase: We believe that the player’s motivation to strategize with the cards they already have and to aim for the top will lessen if we increase the top tier rewards to more than 500. That is why the development team wants to keep this 500 number. However, we plan to change up the rewards for different events so that there will be more reasons for players to be motivated and make it more enjoyable.

We are aware that there are people who cheat their way to the top, lowering the motivation for the other players. However, the Mobius Final Fantasy operations team will be strict with players who cheat their way to the top so that all players will have an equal opportunity to aim for the top 500.

Question #2
Triggacity: “What is the intention behind Kitase's Mobius livestreams currently targeted for the Asian-speaking audience? Is there any future considerations for the English-speaking audience?”

Kitase: I do believe livestreams are an outlet where we can give a lot of information to our fans, and at a very quick pace. I also believe it’s important to do these livestreams in the local language. In Japan, I speak Japanese so I am on the Japanese livestreams. For the Taiwanese livestreams, I have a guest host who can speak Taiwanese for the Taiwanese audience.

For North America, it’s best to do the livestream in English, so at Square Enix America, S0Kun here has a livestream program called #SEMobileFriday so I will be sure to relay any messages to him so that he can share it with you all in English and in a timely manner.

Question #3
Marshal91: “Are there anyway for Mobius fans to contribute an art for the game?”

Kitase: We would love for everyone to draw for Mobius Final Fantasy get the community excited! We definitely want to recognize the artwork on by posting them our social media accounts too! We developers really enjoy looking at the fan art, so it would be great if you can continue posting online.

Question #4

Kitase: Of course we will have more stamps! We will have stamps themed after the collaboration in the future, so please look forward to these!

Question #5
HCrikki: “Are multiplayer enhancements planned?

Kitase: With the one-year anniversary game update, I do feel that we have been able to improve a lot of our multiplayer functions. It’s very close to the final form right now, so I don’t think we will have any bigger updates in the future for the multiplayer, but we do want to change it up from time to time. For example, we may enhance the boss’s AI so that players would have to strategize against it to defeat that boss. So yes, we are planning to change things up a bit in the future.

Question #6
Sagasidad: "Any future improves in autobattle system?”

Kitase: Similar to the multiplayer enhancements, we did implement a couple of improvements for the autobattle system through the one-year anniversary update. Now players are able to control the timing of when you want to use an ultimate attack. We did make as many improvements as we are able to at this moment, but of course if there is a lot of feedback about wanting to change a certain element or add on a different element, we will definitely try to implement it in the future. However, as the story in Mobius reaches its climax, the bosses that players will encounter are going to be much stronger compared to those in past content, so there may be instances in which defeating bosses using auto battle won’t be possible. Being too accustomed to auto battle might make these parts of the story difficult, so strategizing what deck to use and how you will use those abilities during battle will become even more important.

Question #7
Mobius1337: “Any chances of a reprint of the Dissidia FF collaboration cards we had around January?”

Kitase: We are aware that the Dissidia Final Fantasy collaboration was a highly popular collaboration, so I will definitely make these cards available at a later date once I determine the timing. We have been collaborating with past games like Final Fantasy VII, but we are still thinking of doing more Final Fantasy collaborations in the future as well, and I hope that this is something that the Mobius Final Fantasy players can look forward to.

Question #8
ZMember: “Does the development team follow their fan base on Reddit or elsewhere? Reason for asking: do they know how happy the players are with the new changes from the 1st anniversary? (Thank you)”

Kitase: Unfortunately since I am not fluent in English, I am unable to understand everything that is written by our fans, but we do have an English-speaking community manager who does read these comments and shares them with us. We use this feedback as a reference when making improvements and adjustments to the game, so I do want to encourage you all to continue posting so that we can make Mobius Final Fantasy a better game together!

That’s it for the questions!

Last but not least, the Mobius Final Fantasy development team would like to thank the global community for their support. All players received three summon tickets in celebration of the panel, so if you haven’t snagged them yet, make sure you log-in and claim them!

Source: Square Enix