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New Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age story trailer released, PS4 Pro support confirmed and more

New Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age story trailer released, PS4 Pro support confirmed and more

Written by Brayden — 08 Jun 2017

Square Enix has released a new story trailer for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age which likely serves as the E3 2017 trailer.

But before we get to that, Hiroaki Kato, the producer of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has given a recap of everything done for the HD remaster and made a few reveals on the PlayStation Blog.

First, he revealed that "another piece of newly drawn key art" has yet to be revealed. So not the one by Akihiko Yoshida or Isamu Kamikokuryo. He doesn't say who created the new key art but my best guess is Hideo Minaba, who served alongside Kamikokuryo as the original game's art directors.

Next, Kato spoke about what they did in the remastering process.

"When creating the HD version of the visuals, we were careful to preserve the unique graphical texture of Akihiko Yoshida’s character illustrations while enhancing the expressiveness with modern technology.

And so, not only did we increase the resolution of the character models, but we have also strived to improve the textures such as the skin, hair, cloth, leather, metal, and any other material.

We have also improved the expressiveness of light and shadow by implementing modern lighting technology. The world inside the game can now be enjoyed with a greater sense of atmosphere and depth as we have enhanced the natural blur (depth of field) and soft lighting (ambient occlusion)."

And then Kato confirmed something. "Oh yes, the resolution increases even more if you play this title on a 4K compatible TV with a PS4 Pro, so please try it out if you have the environment to do so."

Yes, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age supports PlayStation 4 Pro.

Next Kato spoke about the soundtrack.

"We have re-recorded all tracks (Approximately 100!) with live performances, at the hands of Hitoshi Sakimoto who was also the composer on the original FFXII.

When we first started developing FFXII TZA, we thought that having two types of tracks — the PS2 internal sound source version and the Original Soundtrack version released as a CD — was enough. However, when I mentioned to Hitoshi Sakimoto about that, he said “re-recording with live performances would be more effective as a modern game,” and I was tricked into doing so by that too-good-to-be-true offer.

We have even asked Hitoshi Sakimoto to compose new tracks (Eight!) for boss battles and maps, so I would love for his fans to look forward to that as well."

Then more audio details.

"We have fully included both Japanese and English voices, and those can be switched anytime from the configuration menu.

We have strived to playback the voices in high definition, which will make the characters’ lines sound clearer than ever. This should help you to feel the details and nuance of each cutscene even more.

The sound for FFXII was compatible with Dolby Pro Logic II, but this title is now compatible with 7.1ch surround sound."

And finally some more improvements recapped.

"We have greatly reduced the loading times, allowing for a more light-footed adventure.

We have added an auto-save functionality aside from the ability to save at a save crystal, which was present in FFXII.

We have incorporated a double speed functionality that will increase the speed of movement throughout the entire game.

We have included a useful feature that overlays a location map on the screen with a push of the L3 button. This allows you to seamlessly check your current location and destination, even in a complex map."

Now you can check out the trailer!

Source: PlayStation Blog