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Chapter V begins in Mobius Final Fantasy, June 2017 calendar is here

Chapter V begins in Mobius Final Fantasy, June 2017 calendar is here

Written by Brayden — 31 May 2017

Square Enix has released the June 2017 calendar for the global version of Mobius Final Fantasy.

The highlight is of course Chapter V - The First Warrior, Part 1. Here we will meet the Elder Moogle and Elder Warrior of Light. We will also discover the origins of the prophecy.

Also added today is a new job! This time it's The Bard.

And how about some new features? Deck Copy & Deck Paste and a new Auto-Battle feature have also been added today.

Chapter V will also see the debut of a new system for the battle system, Elemental Influence. "a system in which each turn the effects of a specific element are greatly changed."

On June 8, Chapter III - Chaos and the Crown, Part 1 (Hard Mode) will be released.

And then on June 15, the Inferno Arena will be released. A special ranking event. Winning through this tournament with different jobs will earn amazing rewards. And another new job in The Hermit will arrive.

And this is all on top of new ability cards and more.

Square Enix has also begun teasing for the 1st anniversary of the global version: "Also, August marks the anniversary of the global version release! We are planning various tweaks to the game system, such as magicite rewards from battles. Please look forward to it!"

Also expect the Final Fantasy XII event in July!