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Business Division 1 recruitment page goes up, other original FFVII staff involved with Remake

Business Division 1 recruitment page goes up, other original FFVII staff involved with Remake

Written by Brayden — 23 May 2017

Square Enix has finally put up a recruitment page for Business Division 1, the Square Enix Japan studio headed by producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Business Division 1 was formed in December 2013 with the team behind Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and has since released Mobius Final Fantasy for iOS, Android and Steam and it's continuing updates but it's focus lies on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In the page Kitase talks about the original's success and how they're working to exceed the quality of it with the remake.

Kitase also reveals that in addition to director Tetsuya Nomura and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima that other staff who worked on the original Final Fantasy VII are working on Final Fantasy VII Remake with more joining recently and perhaps in the future.

The staff Kitase is referring to likely includes Motomu Toriyama, an event planner on the original game who is confirmed to be in Business Division 1 and said back in 2014 he was hard at work on something that would be announced in 2015. Worth pointing out Final Fantasy VII Remake is literally the only thing announced by Square Enix in 2015 to not have been released since.

This would be zero surprise as when Siliconera asked Toriyama which Final Fantasy game he'd like to remake most he said Final Fantasy VII.

"[Laughs.] That would be Final Fantasy VII!

If we had the manpower and the time to work on a project, if we were to remake Final Fantasy VII with the quality of Final Fantasy XIII it would become a tremendous project. If we can get the number of people we need by all means that would be the one I would really want to remake."

Kitase and Toriyama also revealed in 2009 that they both have personal discussions about doing a remake for it.

And we can't forget the infamous Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo for PS3 shown at E3 2005 that was directed by Motomu Toriyama himself.

The fact he also mentions staff from the original joining recently and potentially in the future suggests Hiroki Chiba, an event planner on the original and someone who wrapped up work on World of Final Fantasy a matter of months ago is now working on it. In addition, Jun Akiyama who also worked on the original as an event planner and also worked on World of Final Fantasy is wrapping up work on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age could be about to join the project as well.

Again this is also no surprise considering what Kitase said back in 2008.

"My feelings are that if a remake were to work well then all the core members of the original team must be reassembled, all the artists and designers.

The problem is that, although all of us have an idea of what a remake should be and how to do it, organising such a thing right now is logistically very difficult. All the different members are now involved in very new, very large projects like Final Fantasy XIII and those projects are going to take a while.

Maybe, when all those games are finished then we can look at doing something like that."

Nomura also chips in a message about the project and the need for more man power.

The page also reveals that Naoki Hamaguchi, the project leader for Mobius Final Fantasy and a lead programmer for the Final Fantasy XIII series is serving as development leader for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Hamaguchi explains that he is incharge the organisation of the team.

At the moment they're hiring planners, designers and a programmer. Jobs for Final Fantasy VII Remake have been popping up in the last couple of months but this is the first time BD1 has ever had a dedicated recruitment page.

Source: First Business Division recruitment