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Hiroki Fujimoto talks Ariana Grande, Brave Exvius characters and more

Hiroki Fujimoto talks Ariana Grande, Brave Exvius characters and more

Written by Brayden — 27 Mar 2017

Siliconera had the chance recently to talk to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius producer Hiroki Fujimoto about a variety of things including that Ariana Grande collaboration.

When asked how the collaboration occurred Fujimoto had this to say.

"With us deploying this content worldwide, and also as a Final Fantasy title, we were considering ways to surprise our consumers and players. Looking back at Final Fantasy, we’ve had various musical collaborations within the franchise, and there’s been a lot if that with the numbered titles in the past, but we hadn’t done any for Brave Exvius yet. So, we thought this would be the appropriate time to do so.

We were also interested to know what kind of collaboration a number one artist and top gaming content could bring about. That was where the idea started."

Fujimoto then discussed how they decided attacks and abilities for Dangerous Ariana.

"With regards to Ariana, she’s a top singer, so we wanted to ensure that some of her skills and abilities are based on bringing happiness to the world through her music. That’s the thinking behind her abilities.

Even in the past Final Fantasy games, we’ve had singers and jobs pertaining to singing, so we drew on those Final Fantasy-like elements, as well as creating those elements that are unique to Ariana herself, blending that together to come up with her abilities and skills."

Fujimoto then revealed they're considering more collaborations in the future and that the collaboration with Ariana caused the game to draw in a lot of new players which led to them recently hitting 20 million downloads worldwide.

Fujimoto also stated they try to recreate the skills and abilities of past Final Fantasy game characters as best they can. He also revealed they have an overall plan for rolling out characters from other games and that they try to roll out characters fairly from the games. But also that they balance these out with original characters that he hopes will appear in other games.

Fujimoto also revealed the pixel art style of the game was inspired by the original six Final Fantasy games.

And when asked about future collaborations Fujimoto stated he'd like "to collaborate with Resident Evil (laughs)."

Lastly he also discussed making characters from 3D games into pixel art.

"When considering bringing 3D characters and moving them into this pixel form, we make sure that the specific, unique features are expressed and maintained in that pixel art form. So, regardless whether that be Noctis or Lightning, whatever makes them unique and stand out – those are the features that we ensure to keep within the look of the pixel form.

Kazuko Shibuya, who has been involved since the original Final Fantasy games, reviews all of the pixel forms for these characters for us. She always points out and ensures that we’re conscious of the fact that their silhouette really stands out. Just by their silhouette alone, players will be able to identify the character. So, even if it’s just a black blob, you should still be able to differentiate between the different characters based on their silhouette alone. So, each silhouette should be unique on its own, which is something we’re conscious of when we’re making pixel art of each of our characters."

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Source: Siliconera