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Kitase talks VII Remake voicing and latest artwork

Kitase talks VII Remake voicing and latest artwork

Written by Brayden — 22 Feb 2017

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake has discussed the voicing and latest artwork for the game in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

Kitase revealed most of the voice acting has been finished for the main story. However it's not clear if he is referring to all episodes or just the first one. He also says to expect Cloud to sound a little different from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children due to him being in his "prime". Perhaps it's more in line with Mobius Final Fantasy.

Kitase also commented on the artwork he presented at the 30th anniversary opening ceremony. Sephiroth has a black wing, something not in the original game. Kitase is leaving it up to everyone's imagination as far as the meaning is concerned.

Source: Siliconera